’m a Multimedia specialist who specializes in different aspects of Multimedia which Include Illustration, Game Design,3D Modeling & Animation, Illustration

My strongest area is Illustration and incorporating that into the design of the Games or Characters

  I really enjoy creating child Like Content  that is Child Friendly 

My Favorite Characters to create are Mermaids and Fairies.I like the story telling that can be created with Mermaids & Faries.All the Art in my games is my art I created. During my time when I am not working on Projects I am usually drawing which is my passion.I love creating kid friendly work for children to enjoy in the mixed of mediums.Lillian is familiar with Mac OS computers and then I Pad/IPhone systems which she uses for her design work.Lillian has Skills in Unity,Maya,Adobe Creative Cloud Software,Procreate and Procreate Dreams for 2D Annimation & Illustration.Lillian creates her Sketches tradionally on Paper/Sketchbook then moves her designs digitally.Lilly Plans out her Projects.

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